playing research: welcome!

Playing research, seriously. Or not seriously. It’s August, a good time to pause, reflect, and gear up for the new academic year.

Over the summer I have started to blog at Hate 2.0, a blog for our research project on right-wing extremism and social media. I really like it. I should do more of it, but don’t want to spam one blog that’s project-specific with my research in progress on other issues. So welcome to the world, research play!

Research play? Research is playful in many ways: not just because it’s lots of trial and error, curiosity, and joy (with occasional frustrations). More on why I chose the name: here.

I will bravely start blogging bit about playing research, everything from ideas to reading documents, taking notes, writing, and editing. Ideally, however, I would like to share this space with others who would like to blog about their research: the process, the content, the ideas, the tangential bits.

If you are interested, please let me know!